Hello there my fabulous friends! How y’all doin’? Now I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I’d put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard, to give you a little ‘info’ about My Little Acoustic Record. I know many of you have purchased it already & can I just quickly say “thank you”, but for those of you who’ve perhaps seen it on the site, in the shop & are thinking, “Hmmmm that looks interesting….”, let me give you a brief rundown on what it’s all about.

Firstly I should mention, again for those who don’t know, I started playing guitar at around 7 or 8 years of age. I had a wonderful teacher & each week I couldn’t wait to learn another chord, another riff, another song, I just loved it. Of course I started out learning on a nylon string acoustic guitar, from memory the make was ‘Peerless’, manufactured in Korea…anyhow, by age 10 I’d graduated to my first electric guitar, a Riviera ‘Gibson’ copy, that I’d plug into a Coronet 10 watt solid state amplifier. Ok, I was a long way off a wall of Marshalls, but hey, I was on my way! This is all nerdy personal guitar history to illustrate how much I loved the guitar and music as a kid. And guess what…? Nothing’s changed! I still play everyday, I still love it with the same wide-eyed child-like excitement that I felt whenever I’d drop the needle to play along to Elvis or The Stones or KISS or… whoever was in my big brothers sizeable record collection.

Of course, quite early on in my professional performing career, I was lucky enough to make a few records & enjoy some success. It really is pretty mind blowing for a guitar loving kid from a quiet coastal town in Australia to have hit records in various places around the world, but it happened & I will be forever grateful.

But, as we all know, life is a curious thing & things don’t always necessarily go to plan. Or sometimes, unexpected opportunities come along while we’re busy focused on what we think we should be focusing on. Anyway, to put it in a nutshell, thank God I hear you say, I stopped making records, at least for myself, in the mid 90’s. But never stopped playing and composing, ‘cos as I keep saying, I just love it.

Increasingly over the years, certainly over the last decade or so, people would regularly approach me, whether I was filming on location somewhere or performing in a show or playing a sneaky little gig in a rockin’ little pub and they’d ask me why I stopped making records. A woman came up to me at a café in Melbourne in 2011, sat down opposite me bumping the table spilling my coffee, she apologized & then said, “I grew up singing along to you on cassette. I played it till the cassette player gobbled up the tape & I cried till my mother bought me the vinyl. Now do me a favour & give me something new to listen to will you please Mr McLachlan!” With that she gave a cheeky smile & left. Oh & yes, she kindly bought me another cappuccino! But it got me thinking? Now admittedly it took me another few years but eventually in 2014 I got down to business. And given that my musical journey started on an acoustic guitar, I felt compelled to record an acoustic album. And doing it was so much fun! I loved performing acoustically & recording the album in a really straight forward no nonsense way. No trickery, no gazillion dollar gizmos, just a fella who loves playin’.

So for those of you who listened to me on a cassette back in the day, you’ll be delighted to hear a few of the old hits & for those of you who are experiencing me on record for this first time…I hope you get a kick out of it.

Lotsa love always…

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