Well, I’ve teased you about it….but we have finally edited a bunch of short, sharp episodes from our RV holiday and we are ready to share them with you! What could possibly go wrong? Well, we kept the camera rolling when it did. Hope you enjoy them, they will be rolling in over the next weeks. Have a great day. Craig x

So here we are again. Our 2nd instalment of the Jungle Journey adventure. A bit of domesticity for this ep…plus some ice cream. Again, what could possibly go wrong? And remember…Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to this channel so I can spend even more time posting video content for ya. Craig x

It’s time for Ep 3 of the Jungle Journey Series. We move on from washing tips and head to some of the stunning waterholes of the Top End. Cape Tribulation, what a place. I hope you get to see it one day if you haven’t already. And remember…Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to my channel! Craig x

Do you ever watch those ‘how to do’ videos and marvel at how they look so easy….well…not everything you see on those videos turns out as easy as it looks, and Nessie proves it in this weeks Ep. So, enjoy. If you care to Like it for us and Subscribe Subscribe to my channel, I would so appreciate it! Craig x

Yes, we are back with another instalment of Craig and Vanessa’s Jungle Journey, and this episode is a special one because it is all about something I love and that Vanessa loves. Turtles. Oh yes, were we lucky enough to spend time with these special creatures. What more could you ask for really. Swimming with the fish and turtles in the worlds wondrous Daintree region. So, enjoy, splash around with my mate Tommy the Turtle and have a great night. See you soon. Craig x

WE’RE BACK!!! Ep 6 of Craig and Vanessa’s Jungle Journey! Ep 6! We embarked on a double black diamond hike on the infamous Bump Track in Port Douglas. What a day! I won’t go into the dinner we had afterwards when we both ended up with food poisoning….but the day was wonderful! It just goes to show that giving yourselves challenges can be sooooo worth it! This one was one I will never forget. Hard work, but what incredible reward! Craig x

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