Craig McLachlan life in music is extensive, he is a very accomplished musician and singer.  He has composed music, played a large array of instruments, and sung for his own albums as well as many other projects. Among these and a little-known fact Craig has also composed and contributed music to a number of film and television projects over the years including: Blacklands, Let’s Get Skase, The Wrong Girl, The Dream Factory, Through My Eyes, Savages Crossing, The Dr Blake Mysteries & Lowdown. Currently Craig is working on a new album.

Craig McLachlan & Check 1 -2

Craig’s debut album was released in June 1990. It peaked at #4 in Australia and at #10 in the UK and features four singles;

Rock The Rock
Peak chart positions: Australia #36

Peak chart positions: Australia #3, UK #2

Peak chart positions: Australia #24, UK #19

I Almost Felt Like Crying
Peak chart positions: Australia #103, UK #50

Hands Free

Released in 1992, features three singles;

On My Own
Peak chart positions: Australia #23, UK #59

One Reason Why
Peak chart positions: Australia #57, UK #29

I Hear You Knocking
Peak chart positions: Australia #90

Craig McLachlan & The Culprits

Released in 1996 in the UK and features three singles;

If We Were Angels

Peak chart position: UK #65

Hear the World Cry
Peak chart position: UK #92

The London Demos

The London Demos is the latest album released by Craig McLachlan, August 2021.

Introducing you to London Demos. In late 1990, during a brief visit to London, Craig’s music publisher suggested meeting with a guy named Mark Smith. They ultimately became best friends, with Mark being a great collaborator and musical partner. In 1993, they started recording material that Craig had been writing since arriving in London. He was performing on the West End stage during ’93 and ’94, so their sessions were fairly spread out. By ’95, they had a bunch of stuff recorded, and we concentrated on mixing what they thought were the most accessible songs. They ignored the musical trends and fashions of the time, figuring they’d get by on good ol’ hummable tunes! They were ultimately really pleased with our little homemade project.

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Gonna Feel That Warm Sunshine Again

Musical Recordings

Craig’s Musical Recordings include Grease, The Original London Stage Cast Soundtrack album and The Rocky Horror Show.

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