Craig McLachlan

Welcome to the official site for Craig McLachlan, Australian actor, director, singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Craig McLachlan’s diversity and effervescence – his general lust for life and work – are what’s made him endure as one of Australia’s most eclectic and popular entertainers across an entire generation.

2017 was a big year for Craig starring in the first Doctor Blake Mysteries Telemovie, Season 2 of the Wrong Girl and the riotous True Stories.

As for 2018… we get ready to do the Time Warp again and go back to Ballarat with Blake to solve more mysteries… stay tuned for more updates!

“McLachlan has managed to fashion a six-week stint as Henry Ramsay in 1987 into a 26-year career that has included top-rating soaps, British TV dramas, movies, music, mini-series and stage hits.”
– Daily Telegraph
“The flamboyant behaviour of breakfast TV host Eric (Craig McLachlan) will keep you in stitches in new drama The Wrong Girl. The role is a huge departure from the stiff, three-piece- suit clad Dr Blake Craig portrays in the popular The Doctor Blake Mysteries.”
– TV Week
“Craig Mclachlan steals The Rocky Horror Show in Sydney….he has made the role so much his own, that his appearance is awaited with as much excitement & anticipation as might be directed towards the stage at a One Direction gig. And he’s given the reception to match.”
– Daily Telegraph
“McLachlan must be one of only a handful of actors who started out in soaps in the 1980s and has been in demand pretty much non-stop since.”
– Weekend Herald Sun
“The Wrong Girl, with Craig McLachlan as Eric, the ultimate narcissistic television personality, continues to steal the show.”
– Sun-Herald
“This year’s fourth season smashed through the 1 million viewer barrier with ease with catch up figures adding hundreds of thousands more.”