The Twelve Days….er months…of Christmas

Well, here we go… ho ho ho!

Christmas is almost upon us. I say ‘almost upon us’ I mean THE day, December 25. ‘Cos quite honestly, it seems Christmas has been ‘upon us’ for some months now. Don’t ya reckon? I popped into a certain supermarket this past September and there, standing next to a mountainous display of cheap chippies, was a smiling Santa! Yep, he of the rosy cheeks, flowing beard and red suit, surrounded by a cast of crazy Christmas characters telling us that the big days just around the corner. Even the neon-nosed Rudolph was getting in on the act. September! Now, I know it’s often said, “I wish it could be Christmas everyday…” well, be careful what you wish for ‘cos the way things are going it might just happen! Commercially speaking.

And think about it, seemingly only a day or two after celebrating the birth of Christ, we’re suddenly confronted with chocolate chooks, bunnies n’ eggs in our favourite stores heralding his death. Easter. Kooky calendar chaos religiously speaking!

Ooh, Craig’s having a festive freakout, a merry meltdown. No, not really. I think it’s just, as I get older I’m increasingly aware of the push to sell that most magical of days. But…having said all that, if clocking Claus sometime in September puts smiles on dials, then that’s ok too. ‘Cos let’s face it… the world could use more smiles.

Lotsa love from me to you ♥

Have a fabulous festive season!


PS Here’s a little Christmas jingle I did for you…