Rocky Horror Show creator Richard O’Brien and star Craig McLachlan launch 2018 show dates


THE Rocky Horror Show creator has paid tribute to actor Craig McLachlan’s scene-stealing turn as transvestite Dr. Frank N Furter, but admits they occasionally have to rein him in.

Richard O’Brien (pictured with McLachlan, inset) who wrote the popular musical more than 40 years ago, told Confidential: “Craig steps out far beyond what most other performers can do. He can sing, he can dance, but he also grabs an audience by the throat and shakes them.

“He pushes the boundaries of both good and bad taste to the extremes, and wins. If most people went to the lengths Craig does, it would be offensive, but it never is with him. Of course, we have to rein him in occasionally.”

In what way?

“When a performer knows they’ve got freedom to almost do anything they want, which Craig does, sometimes you have to say: ‘Less is more,’” O’Brien explains.

“It’s like playing tennis and the audience is on the other side of the net. You send out your performance, your jokes and your energy.

“The audience reacts … and gives you encouragement to go further. If you’re not careful, that encouragement might take you a little too far.”

With that said, McLachlan will slip the fishnets back on, reapply the lippy and turn the camp-o-meter to 11 when The Rock Horror Show returns to Her Majesty’s Theatre on July 13.

Tickets will go on sale through Ticketek from November 24.

McLachlan, star of The Dr Blake Mysteries, has played Frank N Furter many times throughout his career.