Craig-a-saurus Social-mediass!

Ok, it’s time to come clean. Or at least, confirm what many of you have long suspected… I am hopeless as far as social media is concerned!

Yes, I can tweet you guys the odd message & yes, some of those messages are indeed…odd. But largely I am pretty ordinary at utilising the technology available. Hell, I don’t even know the half of what actually exists out there in ‘techno-cyber-app-land’ let alone have the first idea how to go about using it!

Thankfully I work with people who can help me share stuff with you guys. But seriously, left entirely to me, you’d never see, for example, behind the scenes Dr Blake stuff or…well, anything. Just between us, I still have an iPhone 3! Yeah ok, I can hear you laughing. And I only moved to the aforementioned ‘3’ after my old Nokia regrettably slid out of a lose-fitting shirt pocket & into an ‘on-set convenience’. In other words, it unceremoniously found its way into a pong-y plastic porta-potty on a remote film shoot in the middle of ‘God only knows where’. I loved that old phone.

Having said that, borrowing an album title from the iconic Australian rock band ‘The Angels’, it was ‘beyond salvation’. Now, in my defence…. I have a theory. At least as far as my own Dinosaur-ish behaviour is concerned. My age. Don’t laugh again! I’m serious. I wasn’t born to this instant-photoshop, selfie, facethingy, like-don’t like, poo tube, inter-whack world.

I knew & enjoyed a world ‘pre’ internet. And what’s more, everything ran smoothly. Well, you know, within reason. We weren’t slaves to software & dominated by devices. We dealt with people, not programs. Ooh, I’m sounding like crusty cranky Craig. I don’t mean to. And I do in all honesty marvel at the cleverness of it all & indeed raise a glass to those insanely switched-on genius types who come up with these extraordinary ideas, develop them & bring them to us. All in the name of making our lives easier… Hmm, that’s another chat for another day.

Anyhow, back to me & my ‘blog-fession’… I just made that up… should I copyright it? It’s a confession in a blog! Is that what I’m composing….? A blog…? I don’t even know.

Whatever…here’s my pledge to you, I’m going to endeavour to do this more regularly. Just share thoughts n’ stuff with you. I’ll never be completely ‘insta’ with any of this stuff, but I am going to attempt to be a tad more engaged.

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating I guess. As long as it’s a real pudding & not a virtual simulated 3-D holographic pretend pud!!! xxx