Craig McLachlan and the high life

CRAIG McLachlan and I have a few things in common.

We like to laugh, we like a bit of a chat, we like to entertain and we like to wear lipstick — red, even, if the occasion allows.

And we do like a good pair of heels. I’m a high heel queen, I’m renowned for them. I wore them all through both my pregnancies. I think that ability crossed through the womb to my girls — both were quite adept in my shoes from a young age.

I did cave a few years ago and buy a pair of flats — but it hurt my back when I wore them. Really it did.

Craig McLachlan is back in high heels for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Picture: TRICIA WATKINSON

Craig dons, and dances the night away, in some, reprising his award-winning turn as Frank N Furter, confessing it’s not wearing the heels that’s the problem…

“This may or may not surprise you but the heels for me, I’m surprisingly and worryingly comfortable in them,” he told me. “I tell you what the tough part is … going back to flats. It’s just, something happens doesn’t it? Something with your Achilles, your hammies, your hips.

“Oh I soar like an eagle in my heels, but going back into dear old Lucien’s (Blake) 1959 brogues, it almost kills me.”

Just like my sisters and friends rolled their eyes at me, Craig too had, over the years, laughed at girlfriends who had suffered the same predicament.

“Listen girlfriends of mine, who love their shoes and their heels, have said over the years … ‘I can’t wear flats anymore’ and I’d say ‘what are you talking about?’ ‘It hurts my lower back’ and I’d be all like ‘yeah, yeah listen you don’t have to offer up that sort of nonsense … you love heels, be honest…’ and they’re like ‘yeah, yeah, we do but from time to time I fancy wearing flats and I can’t ‘… so to all of my girlfriends, I so get it.

“Six months of Frank I adjust so beautifully to the heels that when I get back into 1950s Blakeland … I’m f….. ”

So if it’s OK for a star of stage and screen to ‘fess up, I’m waiting for apologies from my friends and family. Anyone, anyone …

Or perhaps walk a mile, or maybe just a block, in our shoes and then see if you’re still laughing at us.

Article written by Lisa Woolford, Watch Editor, The Advertiser